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Kats Collab

We've been getting things ready to record our first album, but we've also been approached by a few artists to do some collaborative projects. We started on the first of these Saturday March 5th at Ironworx Creative Recording Studios.

Ironworx Creative Recording Studios

Ironworx Creative Recording Studios

This past weekend's session was to form concepts and ideas. Greg Paul laid down a few drum samples, followed by Brian Hargrove coming up with some piano melodies and chord changes. 

Bradford Tidwell arrived later that evening and came up with his own ideas to Greg's loops. Marlon Spears laid down a few bass tracks and Emile Martinez closed out the session with some trumpet lines. Even at this phase, you can tell the vibes were good!

We're really looking forward to seeing how this project plays out! We'll announce more details soon. 

For those of you who use Periscope, we streamed a few times during the session! Make sure to follow us: @Katalyst310. You never know when, whom, or what we'll broadcast.  It's the best way to get an inside look with Katalyst's happenings and hear music before anyone else!


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